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Good Backups Make Happy IT People

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Backups are such a pain. Mostly because you don’t ever need them until you need them and then you just hope that they work. Of course, they also hit you at a time when you’re least expecting them. You can be completely consistent checking and verifying your backups and then the week you decide to not test it (or just plain get busy and don’t do it) is the week that you end up needing it for real.

Luckily, I’m writing this post without an experience to share in this regard. Although, I am in an evening where I’m going through and adding some more backups to my various blogs. I’d say I do a reasonably good job with backups considering the data that I’m working with, but I could always do better.

The good part for bloggers is that there are a lot of plugins out there to help you with your backup needs. wp-db-backup is my favorite. Simple and just straight up works. It doesn’t get the files which is annoying on some sites, but most of my sites are content anyway, so for me it’s all about the DB backup.

Add the email backup it provides with gmail’s filters and space and it’s a pretty sweet backup solution.