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Google Apps – Boot Strap Email for Small Businesses

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Since I’m such a huge fan of boot strapping a business into fruition, I figured I should share some of the ways that I save myself spending hordes of money while still having amazing tools. One of those tools is Google Apps.

What most people don’t realize is that there is a Google Apps Standard and a Google Apps Premiere. Notice that I only linked to the Standard, because a boot strap internet startup company will never go for the Google Apps Premiere. Down the road as you grow you might want to consider it, but at first there’s no reason you shouldn’t be totally satisfied with the FREE Google Apps Standard edition.

Of course, Google tries a lot of different ways to kind of hide the Free Google Apps Standard edition and have you use the Google Apps premiere, but since you’re reading this blog you’ll know better. Although, I should say that as you grow, Google Apps Premiere is a great cost too, but that’s for much later.

So, why do I love Google Apps Standard (from now on known as Google Apps)? It’s basically Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs, but all from your own custom domain. That’s right, when I email you from my domain it’s all going through Google’s email servers for free. Trust me. There are no email applications that can compare with gmail. I’ll save why for another post, but it’s fantastic.

Add in the nice integrations with Google Calendar and Google Docs and it’s better than even implementing an Exchange server for your company. Plus, did you remember that it’s FREE (Exchange is far from free in case you didn’t know).

Sure, you can only have 50 users (which shouldn’t be a problem). Sure, you have ads around your email (as if that really matters, they’re not in your email. Sure, you’re limited to 7GB of email per user (which is a TON of email). Yep, all things that really don’t make much of a difference when you start a business.

I’m always amazed when someone from a pretty large business emails me from I mean really? How unprofessional is that? I’m sure they’re just afraid to setup a cool email like Luckily, with Google Apps it’s Easy to setup and it’s free. Ok, it will cost you the $10 or so per year for the domain, but you’re going to have to pay that for your website anyway.

Not sold? Ok, then go and sign up for your email account and see how much credibility you have with your customers;-)