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Small Google Adsense Tweaks

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

I’m a pretty big fan of Google Adsense. I know a lot of people hate it. Certainly there are things I hate about it too, but generally it’s been good to me. It brought me income when no one else would advertise. It still cuts me a nice check (electronic deposit) every month and so I’m thankful for that.

I think the thing I like most about Google Adsense as compared with directly selling ads myself is that the pressure is off me. I don’t have to have any relationship with the advertiser. I don’t have to worry about delivering quality results. Google mostly takes care of that. See my previous post about the pressure of making money blogging.

Certainly there’s still some pressure associated with Google Ads. You want to make sure that the ads are still monetizing well. You have to make sure you are still generating quality pageviews cause if that drops, your Google Adsense income will drop too. Of course, there’s also a bit of worry that the advertisers using Google Adwords will stop paying for ads that go on your site. Or to put it more bluntly…ads that were paying $5 eCPM will starting paying $0.50 eCPM. From my experience using Google Ads (about 8-9 years I think) the eCPM has almost always gone up and not down. Although for the most part it’s been stable for the niches I do. Other niches might be different.

Obviously, I have a lot to say about Google Ads. I guess that happens when you’ve been doing it as long as I have.

Today I spent a bit of time looking over my implementation and I found a couple really good ways to optimize the ads that I already had on my site. I’ve been doing this a little bit here and there for the past couple weeks. I think it started with the suggestion that I start using the standard/suggested ad size formats since supposedly there’s more ad inventory for those sizes. Makes sense that if there are more people with ads (higher demand) that the price would be higher for those clicks.

I made a really simple tweak to one of the ads from the previous standard banner ad size 468×60 (who came up with this size anyway?) and changed it to the 728×90 ad. So, actually it was a bigger ad as well as a switch to one of the IAB (or whatever the abbreviation is) standard size ads.

It’s still early to know the full results, but the reports are already looking promising. So much so that I rolled it out to 5 other sites that have a similar format.

Of course, the real motivation for me to write this is that it’s another reason that I love Google Adsense. I can spend an hour or two optimizing my ads and then I’ll continue to benefit from those small tweaks to the optimization for a long time to come.

In fact, it has the potential to do the opposite of what I mentioned above. It could take me from making $5 eCPM to $10 eCPM with only a couple hours effort. A lot of people don’t see websites as assets, but I do. Little tweaks like this are a great way to leverage the asset.

New Google Adsense Interface

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Today when I logged into Google Adsense, I was prompted about a new Google Adsense interface. Since I probably log into Google Adsense as much as any other website I use (except my email) I definitely wanted to try out the new Google Adsense interface. I love the data around ads as much as views to my site. I am a stats addict after all.

Let’s just say that I was pretty disappointed by the new Google Adsense interface. It had a couple nice features like graphs of your earning over time. However, they took out some of the most useful features from the old interface. What a mistake!!

I did report them as bugs and asked them to replace them.

The two biggest problems for me was:

1. They got rid of all the channel data reports from the main page of Google Adsense. This probably doesn’t matter if you have one website with one channel (which should never happen). I have my Google Ads spread across a dozen or more sites. So, the total for the day is interesting, but it’s more interesting to see which channels are earning the most money.

2. It defaults to my earnings to the last seven days. A few years ago I remember the Google Adsense blog talking about how often people logged in. I can’t remember the exact stat, but it was multiple times per day. If that’s the case (and I attest to you that it is), then why would you default to 7 days? I want to see what happened today. That’s why I log in 5 times a day (or something like that). If they had an IV where I could just automatically pump that information into me, I’d use that. Seeing the number is like a drug. Even if some people want 7 days, they could still let me change my preference to have it just show today.

As such I decided to return back to the old Google Adsense interface. I might go back to the new one on occasion. Now if they could just get the tie in with my Google Analytics account to work with multiple analytics accounts within the same Google Account (or a way to merge analytics accounts) I’d be much happier.

When I browsed the new interface I saw that I first started using Google Adsense back 7 years ago. It’s kind of crazy to think that I’ve been using it that long. I recently saw that Google is planning to give $1000 holiday bonuses and 10% raises to its employees. How about Google give us a 10% raise on our Google Adsense earnings? Or a $1000 holiday bonus? I’m not an employee of Google, but sometimes I kind of feel like one.