Below you will find a list of John’s various online works. Also, check out John Lynn’s LinkedIn profile if you’d like to connect with him there.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Healthcare IT Websites – Healthcare Scene Blog Network

These are a number of my websites related to EMR, EHR and Healthcare IT:
Hospital EMR & EHR
Healthcare Scene
EMR News
Wired EMR Doctor
Happy EMR Doctor
Smart Phone Health Care
Meaningful Healthcare IT News
EMR & EHR Screenshots
EMR & EHR Videos
EMR & EHR Interviews
EMR Thoughts
Healthcare IT Central
Healthcare IT Today
Health IT Marketing and PR Conference

Pure TV Network Websites

This is my network of TV related websites focusing mostly on the music from reality TV shows:
Pure Dancing with the Stars (DWTS)
Pure So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD)
Pure Derek Hough – A Derek Hough Fan Site
Pure America’s Got Talent (AGT)
Pure TV Network – Other TV Shows

Crash Dad

With all the blogging that I’ve done, I’ve always wanted to start a daddy blog. As the father of 4 children, I always have something to write about. Crash Dad is my place to share some of those stories along with many of the things I love and the unique lifestyle I lead as a full time blogger.
Crash Dad

Las Vegas Startups

This is a blog I do together with Rick Duggan. On it, we do our best to cover the various happenings of tech startup companies in Las Vegas and the newly energized #VegasTech community.
Las Vegas Startups

Influential Networks

This is a relatively new business for me. I’m doing it in partnership with Shahid Shah. Together we’re bringing together all the important influencers a niche and matching them with marketers who want to market their products or message.
Influential Networks

Killer Blogging

Killer Blogging is a project I’m working on to help others learn to become professional bloggers like I’ve become. In short, it’s the nuts and bolts of how to do what I do as a blogger. We’ll answer questions like: how to choose what to blog about, creating great content, marketing the content you create, monetizing the content, etc.
Killer Blogging – Making Money Blogging

Twitter Accounts

These are some of the main Twitter accounts that John manages:
Techguy – Technology, EMR, Las Vegas, Ultimate Frisbee, and a little bit of everything
EHRandHIT – Feed of the best EMR, EHR and Healthcare IT related content
TV Blog – Best Twitter TV commentary
Pure DWTS – Covering Dancing with the Stars on Twitter
Pure SYTYCD – Covering So You Think You Can Dance on Twitter
Pure AGT – Covering America’s Got Talent on Twitter
Pure X-Factor – Covering X-Factor on Twitter
Influential Networks Twitter – The latest updates on Influential Networks
And many many more…