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The Las Vegas Entrepreneurial Community

Monday, January 31st, 2011

This morning I was greeted by an interesting post by one of my favorite entrepreneur bloggers, Brad Feld, about building entrepreneurial communities. I’ve been reading Brad’s blog for a long time and I’ve enjoyed learning about what he’s done to build entrepreneurship in Boulder.

As I read his latest post, this quote jumped out at me:

I continue to study and think hard about the dynamics of entrepreneurial communities around the US and believe that there are at least 100 cities in the US that can have strong, significant, healthy, 20 year plus sustainable entrepreneurial communities.

Of course, I could help but imagine his comments with the lens of the Las Vegas Entrepreneurial community. I think it’s easy to see the reasons why Las Vegas could be a great entrepreneurial hub. Although, I must admit that I don’t really see it taking its proper place as a city of entrepreneurs. At least not in the web and technology space that I take part in.

Certainly there are good companies like in Las Vegas (although they came here years after their founding). There’s also the Vegas Valley Angels, but to be honest they haven’t really been all that active in investing over the past couple years.

Much like any community, I think there’s great interest in entrepreneurship in Las Vegas. In fact, I’ve only written about Las Vegas internet startups a few times on this site and I regularly get search engine referrals from people searching for entrepreneurship in Las Vegas. So, people are interested, but don’t have very many places to turn.

I’m currently buying a house in Las Vegas. My family and I are happy here and don’t really have any interest in moving somewhere else. So, I’m in it for the long haul. I’m really interested to see how entrepreneurship in Las Vegas will grow over time. Hopefully I can be part of that growth and support.

3 Keys to Blogging

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

I’ve been discussing the concepts of blogging with a lot of people lately. As I discuss blogging, I think that being a successful blogger requires 3 key items. Ok, maybe I shouod define successful blogger. I’m talking about a well read blog that generates money for you. Of course there are other potential benefits to blogging. Sometimes it is just cathartic to write something down. Some people are just looking to network and raise their profile. These and other reasons to blog. However, the following are what I consider to be the 3 keys to building a successful blog that generates income for you.

1. Generate content.
2. Market the content you created.
3. Monetize the pageviews you’ve generated.

3 simple steps. Although there’s a lot more to each point. So, I’ll be covering each of the 3 areas in a future blog post.