Life and Perspective

Life is really all about perspective. It’s really quite amazing how your perspective changes over time. For example, I remember when I used to get all sorts of pumped when my blog topped 100 pageviews in a day. That was HUGE for me at the time. Now, getting 5k pageviews is disappointing. What changed? My perspective.

The same is true for income on my blogs. $10 use to be a great day for my Google Ads. In fact, I remember how excited I was when I was finally able to get a check (or EFT) from Google Adsense every month. See, you have to make $100 in a month to get a check. I called it date money at the time and I really enjoyed the extra income.

Plus, my wife thought I was pretty cool to be making money on the internet. Now, it’s funny to compare how much I make in a day compared to when I first started. Kind of makes me laugh, but my perspective has changed.

I still LOVE people’s faces when they ask me what I do and I say blogging. Obviously, it’s a bit more complex than that, but at the end of the day I feed my family thanks to blogging. So, I can sit back and really enjoy people’s astonishment that not only can you make money blogging, but that you can make enough money blogging to actually feed a family of 5 (my wife stays home with the kids).

Of course, so far I’ve only talked about my successes. The opposite is also very true. If my pageviews drop to a certain level I get pretty disappointed. Sure, there still 100 times better than when I started, but that perspective doesn’t seem to matter as much as the new perspective that I’ve created.

Is this a problem? Not really. Unless you let it overwhelm your life. It’s just funny how perspectives can change so quickly. It’s kind of like time. Does it go fast or slow?

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