Adding Feedburner Feeds to Digg Automatically Immediately

The new Digg website has been seen as very controversial lately. I think they call it the Digg Revolt. They even suggest that it’s going to be easier for Big Blog publishers to make it to the front page of Digg (which means LOTS of traffic). I think this has always been generally the case, but I think it also opens up the opportunities for smaller publishers to get more Digg traffic too.

Time will tell, but I know I’m excited to see what the new Digg Import Feeds function will mean for my blogs. I just added all of my blogs to Digg and I’ll be watching to see what kind of traffic it generates. I expect it will be significant compared to the cost of me adding my feeds.

In fact, here’s how simple it is to get your feed added to the Import Feeds section of Digg.

1. After logging into Digg, go to:
2. Add your RSS feed URL to the box and click Add Feed
3. Now the little bit tricky part. You have to copy a verification code to your blog. You can copy it into your RSS feed (not usually easy) or add it to your next blog post. Personally I didn’t want to wait for my next blog post. I wanted to have my feed pulled in by Digg immediately. I didn’t want to have to remember to add the code on each of my blogs the next time I posted. Here’s the trick:
-Add the HTML code they provide to your most recently published blog post. Click save and make sure it finishes saving.
4. Assuming you’re using Feedburner for your Feeds (like I am), you want Feedburner to update your feed with the code, but you don’t want to wait for it to update since it does it every 30 minutes or so. So, go to and you can manually paste in your Feedburner Feed and have it update it.
5. Now you can click the Verify Now button in Digg and your feed will start pulling into Digg automatically.

I’ll report back on how much traffic this actually generates on my various blogs.

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9 Responses to “Adding Feedburner Feeds to Digg Automatically Immediately”

  1. tas Says:

    thanks good idea

  2. Jeannie Pitt Says:

    This info is exactly what I was looking for. And I didn’t even have to go to feedburner and ping. Just updated my post with the code, then verified with Digg. Thanks for taking the time to post this! Best wishes to you.

  3. John Says:

    I’m glad to hear it helped. If you added it to a new post, then the ping isn’t necessary. It’s also not necessary if you aren’t using something like Feedburner. With the regular WordPress feed it will automatically update. Are you using Feedburner? The ping is just meant to have Feedburner update.

  4. Mushi Family Says:

    Amazing….really really thanks.. its fast 😉


  5. cazorla Says:

    Hello John,
    After reading your useful post, i verified my account easily. It really helped me. Thanks.


  6. John Says:

    That’s great to hear. It took me a while to figure out, so I figured others might find it useful too.

  7. David Says:


    still have not figured this out. Is there anyone who give me the kindergarten lesson on this:-)

  8. John Says:

    Hi David,
    This is the most I can offer right now. Partially because the value I’ve gotten from adding it to Digg has been none. So, take that for what it’s worth!

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