What is CrashUtah?

I figure I better start off with a post explaining why the domain is called CrashUtah. CrashUtah has gone through an interesting evolution. CrashUtah.com was the name of the first real website that I ever created back in 2001. I worked on it through my college years. It was intended to be a kind of “city search” for the relatively small college town that surrounds BYU (in Utah). The crash kind of came from the idea of “crashing a party.” So, I called it CrashUtah.com.

While I learned a ton from the experience and got tremendous benefit from building the site, as a business it was a horrible idea. However, the name CrashUtah kind of stuck on me. So, I started using it for all sorts of things including my main email address. I even built my first EMR blogs and first TV blogs on the back of the domain crashutah.com (with various extensions). I’ve since moved them off to their own domain, but CrashUtah has kind of become part of the family.

So, when I decided to officially form a company around my various blog and IT consulting entities, I figured it was only appropriate to call it CrashUtah, LLC. That way it could cover my EMR blogs, my TV blogs, my WordPress consulting, my IT consulting and whatever else people pay me to do.

I’d been wanting to start a blog like this one for a while, but it really needed a fresh blog (not one of my other existing blogs) to be able to cover all the things I wanted to write about. I tried to buy jo.hn, but you can’t buy 2 letter domains for .hn (Honduras). Or at least not at the standard price. My last name is Lynn (also 4 letters) and so I couldn’t use it either. JohnLynn.com was also taken. So, I figured, I might as well go back to the old reliable CrashUtah.com.

There you go. That’s the story behind CrashUtah.com At the end of the day, it’s treated me well. Plus, it’s fun to see people’s faces when I say it.


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