Converting DVDs to Nice Format

I love the idea of having all my videos on my computer so that they are easily accessed. I hate getting off my butt. This looks like a pretty simple process to convert DVDs to videos that you can watch on your PC. I’m sure there are more, but this looks very promising.

February 27, 2008 I Written By

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Microsoft’s Photosynth Is Amazing

I know this is old news. I already told you I’m going through the drafts on my blog. Photosynth is still one of the coolest things I’ve seen. The idea of being able to take a bunch of photos and create a 3D representation of a place is an incredible idea. I hope that Microsoft is able to make things like this a reality.

December 19, 2007 I Written By

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Most Popular Internet Activities

Info Please showed a really interesting chart on what activities people do on the internet. It’s a little outdated since social networking is at 11 percent. Or maybe people just aren’t using social networks as much as we think.

Either way, this information is great info for those interested in creating an internet business like myself.

Send email 91%
Use a search engine to find information 90
Search for a map or driving directions 84
Do an Internet search to answer a specific question 80
Research a product or service before buying it 78
Check the weather 78
Look for info on a hobby or interest 77
Get travel info 73%
Get news 72
Buy a product 67
Surf the Web for fun 66
Look for health/medical info 66
Buy or make a reservation for travel 63
Look for political news/info 58
Go to a website that provides info or support for a specific medical condition or personal situation 58
Research for school or training 57
Watch a video clip or listen to an audio clip 56
Look for info from a government website 54
Look up phone number or address 54
Do any type of research for your job 51
Send instant messages 47
Get info online about a college, university or other school you or a family member might attend 45
Take a virtual tour of a location online 45
Look for info about a job 44
Get financial info 44
Check sports scores or info 43
Download other files such as games, videos, or pictures 42
Bank online 41
Download computer programs from the internet 39
Pay bills online 38
Play online games 36
Send or receive text messages using a cellphone 35
Use internet to get photos developed/display photos 34
Listen to music online at a website 34
Look for info about a place to live 34
Rate a product, service or person using an online rating system 30
Look for religious/spiritual info 30
Listen to a live or recorded radio broadcast online, such as a newscast, sporting event, or radio show 29
Search for info about someone you know or might meet 28
Share files from own computer w/ others 27
Read someone else’s web log or “blog” 27
Download music files to your computer 25
Log on to the internet using a wireless device 25
Participate in an online auction 24
Research your family’s history or genealogy 24
Look for weight loss or general fitness info 24
Download screensavers from the internet 23
Look for info about a mental health issue 23
Use online classified ads or sites like Craig’s list 22
Chat in a chat room or in an online discussion 22
Download computer games from the internet 21
Create content for the internet 19
Make a donation to a charity online 18
Download video files to your computer 18
Take material you find online—like songs, text or images—and remix it into your own artistic creation 18
Look for info on something sensitive or embarrassing 18
Sell something online 17
Visit an adult website 13
Take a class online just for personal enjoyment or enrichment 13
Buy or sell stocks, bonds, or mutual funds 13
Send or receive an invitation to a meeting or party using an online invitation service 12
Buy groceries online 12
Take a class online for credit toward a degree of some kind 12
Use online social or professional networking sites like Friendster or LinkedIn 11
Pay to access or download digital content online, such as music, video, or newspaper articles 11
Create a web log or “blog” 9
Go to a dating website or other sites where you can meet other people online 9
Look for info about domestic violence 8
Make a phone call online 7
Check e-mail on a hand-held computer 5
Download or share adult content online 4
Play lottery or gamble online 4

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Is the Internet Going to Die Away?

A while ago I read an article that said “with some confidence” that 90 percent of all applications on the Internet have yet to be invented.

It’s really a quite amazing thought and one that I’ve considered many times. I’ve often described how people would have never even dreamed of the thing we call the TV. I wonder what technology we will enjoy in the future, but haven’t even thought about it yet.

My Pharmacist friend suggested that the biggest breakthroughs will be in medicine. Interesting, but 100 years of life is good with me.

April 30, 2006 I Written By

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