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Leadership Is About More Than Showing Up

Posted on: September 11, 2017 I Written By

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This is a great post about leadership. I’m interested to see how the plugin does with creating new tags that will help me assess leadership.

John Moore once said that a great leader is one who takes responsibility for the entire team. Are you a great leader in your organization?

We all know a great leader when we have one in our organization, but we often take them for granted. Most great leaders aren’t fully appreciated until someone changes leaders and experiences someone who falls short. One of the challenges of leadership is knowing that many of your employees will take you for granted.

What do you think about leaders? Is it just about showing up?

Strategic Planning Thoughts Website

Posted on: February 17, 2007 I Written By

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Entrepreneurship and business are two of my latest passions. I’ve recently blogged about venture capitalist extraordinaire Dan Rua. I just really love so many facets of business.

However, the one I think wraps everything else together is strategic planning. Strategic Planning Thoughts is a blog dedicated to the subject of strategic planning. I really like the site because it has some great insights on strategic planning. In one post, Robert Bradford does an analysis of the various types of ways that a business in Ann Arbor obtains customers. Of course word of mouth and Repeat! customers were the highest. However, most of their money was being spent on the least productive customer finding methods, location and advertising. Of course he points out that we should focus more on the other finding methods.

My biggest complaint about the blog post is that he doesn’t really talk about how you generate more word of mouth customers. Sure, it’s a noble idea that you should generate more word of mouth customers, but how do you actually accomplish that goal?

I’ve thought about similar things on one of my websites. We’ve accomplished it by scraping people’s email contact list to gain referrals. Of course we have a refer a friend on the website. These type of tools really help produce what Robert Bradford talks about on his blog.

Here’s a nice tip from his latest post:

Tip Number One – Be Disciplined in Your Strategic Planning

Reminds me of a conversation I had recently about a company being ADHD and changing their direction every other day. I guess that’s the discipline he’s talking about.