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Tour De France 2011

Posted on: June 17, 2011 I Written By

With the Dauphine over and the Tour de Suisse coming to and end, we’re really getting a view of the kind of form all the top riders are in. Here is a look at eight of the riders I see doing really well at the Tour this year.

Alberto Contador

Contador was on amazing form in the Giro, winning by an enormous margin of Michele Scarponi. The question is, was the month of June enough time to rest and rebuild his form for the Tour. The last man to pull the Giro-Tour double was Marco Pantani and its not clear whether he was “clean” or not. Now, Contador has the same issues right now but, not from this year. So, if he can carry over some form from the Giro and get some rest, he’s definitely a pick for the top spot on the Podium.

Andy Schleck

Everyone knows Andy is tired of being second and he’s out for revenge from last year. Based on the form he is showing in the Tour De Suisse, I’m not convinced he is where he was last year. He could be holding back but, he was dropped today and couldn’t catch up for the stage win. There could be a lot of factors to this performance but, regardless, he’s not showing the form he had last year. If he can pull it together, he could win but, the long time trial guarantees time loss for him so, he needs to go into it with the yellow jersey. If there was a Tour for him to win, this would be the one.

Cadel Evans

Cadel has been showing really good form all year. He recently finished second in the Dauphine. If he can build just a bit on the form he was showing this month, he shouldn’t have any problems getting to the podium barring some bad luck. In the past, he hasn’t had luck on his side but, we will have to wait and see.

Samuel Sanchez

Sammy Sanchez showed good form earlier in the year but, wasn’t looking too hot in the Dauphine. Hopefully he can get back to the form he had last year in the Tour because, he is a very strong rider. He’s also a strong pick for the podium if he can get all his preparation done.

Ivan Basso

Basso is another rider who is either not on good for or is hiding it. As he showed in last years Giro, he is a very strong contender. I think that, if he is on the same form that he had then, he is a definite pick for the podium, if not the overall. He’s a great climber and he can hold his own in a time trial, not usually losing too much time.

Jurgen Van Den Broeck

Van Den Broeck looked very impressive in the Dauphine. One stage win and fourth overall really has him as a threat for the podium. No one expected him to do what he did last year and, in my opinion, he looks better this year so, I think he will be one to watch.

Bradley Wiggins

Wiggo has never looked this good. He never looked like he was in too much difficulty in the mountains during his phenomenal performance at the Dauphine, in which he took the overall. He also seems to have a strong team around him so I see him making the top 5 for sure.

Alexander Vinokourov

Vino has always been pretty strong but, more recently, i see him as some one who can do well in the overall but, not win it. He’s will definitely going to go for a stage win and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the top 10 but, I don’t see him making it onto the podium. I hope he can prove me wrong.

Of course, one of the biggest factors in winning the Tour is luck so we’ll have to watch it day by day. Also, it may not be a positive thing to be on the best form because the mountains of the Tour are still a month away. Regardless of who’s on form, its going to be an exciting one!

Giro d’italia So far

Posted on: May 16, 2011 I Written By

The Giro d’Italia is one of my favorite races to watch because it is the hardest of the Grand Tours. There are so many mountains that they have to over come and it is always exciting.

As of yesterday, Alberto Contador took the pink jersey and I feel that the Giro is pretty much over. Alberto is looking stronger than he ever has in the past and no one could hang on up to the top of Mt. Etna.

Its tough to make the call that he will win it for sure though because there are a lot of mountain to come.

Also, we have a few more days for the sprinters and I’m hoping Cavendish can get something going, hopefully getting atleast one stage.

We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

Live Tour de France 2008 Online Streaming

Posted on: July 5, 2008 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

In the past years I’ve always been able to find a nice stream of Versus that allowed me to stream the Tour de France online without any problem. This year I have yet to find a nice stream except for the free one that Versus offers for the first 2 stages at a very ungodly hour in the morning.

This year, it looks like is going to save us with the EuroSport Live stream of the Tour de France. I love that it also archives the race so that if you aren’t there live you can watch the race after the fact too. Granted, you have to put up with the english commentary, but essentially that’s what Versus has with Phil Ligget too. I actually prefer the english commentary since it’s a quite refreshing perspective.

I am just a little bummed about even watching this year’s Tour de France since they kicked off Levi Leipheimer and Alberto Contador and their entire team. Just doesn’t seem right. However, I’m sure I won’t worry too much once I see a crazy sprint or a tough mountain stage. I’m just a little sad that there are only 4 Americans participating. That’s really unfortunate that there’s so few.