Daily Book of Mormon Reading

Posted on June 21, 2008 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

About 5 years ago I was having a discussion with my brother who told me that he wanted a service that would just send him a short part of a book to his email. He always read his email and by having it in his email he’d be compelled to take the time to read it. More specifically he wanted to have a short part of The Book of Mormon sent to his email so that he could follow the prophet’s counsel to read The Book of Mormon daily.

Well, my brother doesn’t need to look any farther. Turns out there is a service that will do this for you. I also love that it has an RSS feed of it too. Might as well get my scripture reading done with my other feed reading. The only challenge there is that I’ve been letting my feed reading go by the way side lately. So, maybe I should stick to email.