Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces – Only the Important Monopoly Pieces

UPDATE: This is the list for 2006 Rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces. Here’s a link to the 2007 Rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a link to the 2008 Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces

While in Dallas at the Educause Conference, I decided to run down to McDonald’s to get a little something to eat. I upgraded my 10 piece chicken nugget combo meal to a chocolate shake. Well, that means I got the medium chocolate shake and much to my surprise I had the McDonald’s Monopoly pieces on it. I guess that shows how much I go to McDonald’s that I didn’t even know that their Monopoly promotion is going on.

Well, a while ago my friend ruined the Monopoly game for me because he informed me that really you just need to find the rare piece for each color and then you can find the rest of the pieces. For example, Boardwalk is the rare piece you need to win the big bucks from McDonalds. So, if you find Boardwalk you’ve as good as won. Finding a Park Place will be simple since there are thousands and thousands of them out there. However, there is only one boardwalk in all the world (or is McDonald’s Monopoly only played in the US?)

Well, I decided that someone has probably figured out which of the Monopoly pieces were the rare ones that would let you win. Indeed there is a site that has all the info on McDonald’s Monopoly pieces. I’ve copied them below for your convenience (rare in bold):
#3601 – Mediterranean Avenue
#3602 – Baltic Avenue Rare
Common Purple $50 5,000
#3603 – Oriental Avenue
#3604 – Vermont Avenue
#3605 – Connecticut Avenue Common
Common Blue Gray $500 500
#3606 – St Charles Place
#3607 – States Avenue
#3608 – Virginia Avenue Common
Rare Maroon $1,000 250
#3609 – St James Place
#3610 – Tennessee Avenue
#3611 – New York Avenue Common
Common Orange $1,500 100
#3612 – Kentucky Avenue
#3613 – Indiana Avenue
#3614 – Illinois Avenue Rare
Common Red $5,000 50
#3615 – Atlantic Avenue
#3616 – Ventnor Avenue
#3617 – Marvin Gardens Common
Common Yellow $10,000 10
#3618 – Pacific Avenue
#3619 – North Carolina Avenue
#3620 – Pennsylvania Avenue Common
Rare Green $50,000 2
#3621 – Park Place
#3622 – Boardwalk Common
Rare Blue $1,000,000
($50,000 per year for 20 years) 1
#3623 – Reading Railroad
#3624 – Pennsylvania Railroad
#3625 – B&O Railroad
#3626 – Short Line Common
Rare White $5,000,000
($250,000 per year for 20 years) 1

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20 Responses to Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces – Only the Important Monopoly Pieces

  1. Dani says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this…I recently went to McDonalds today, (I’m from Canada) and I got two railroads and I got all excited, so I came online to check it out, and although you did ruin my life since I didn’t have short, It still made me realize that I had no hope in hell…

    It’s also funny how they switch them around, because last year I had boardwalk and it was the common one…I wonder how they pick which ones are common and which ones are rare?

    Thanks again!

  2. Juanchito says:

    Sorry to ruin your life. I’ll do my best to fix that in the future.

    I’m glad you found the page useful. The funny thing is that I had the same problem you had when I checked my pieces against this page.

    I’m surprised they changed boardwalk from being the rare one too. Boardwalk should always be the rare one because it’s the very best. No one cares about Park Place. The fact is that that’s exactly why Park Place is the rare one. People will be all excited when they get a Boardwalk. Just to realize they’ve won NOTHING!!

  3. dustin snyder says:

    so r u saying that park place is the rare one this yr?

  4. kermit says:

    The rare ones are definitely in bold…

  5. What do i do if i have shorline railroad, but i dont have any of the other railroads?

  6. Juanchito says:

    You send it to me so that I can cash it in.

    You either keep buying McDonalds until you get the rest. Or you go on eBay or Craigslist or something like that and purchase the other pieces. Just be careful because I could see a lot of people not being very honest on the site.

    Glad that I could help you find you\’re a winner. Please let me know how it goes. I\’ve never met anyone that\’s won McDonald\’s Monopoly.

  7. melissa says:

    Hi everyone, I have Pennsylvania railroad and B&O railroad (3 copies) and wanted to know if some1 had the other 2 missing railroads to split the money 50/50

    PS if any1 has Virginia AVenue too Im missing that too

  8. Kevin M. says:

    NO WAY!!!!!

    I have all the RARE PIECES!!!!!!

    I need the common pieces!!!
    Let’s TRADE NOW !
    please contact ASAP

  9. Roberta Franzese says:

    I have Park Place Is that the rare piece or is Boardwalk?

  10. Cecy says:

    I’m looking for #3620 – Pennsylvania Avenue, anyone let me know, I have a most of the common pieces.

  11. ca says:

    i have all of the monopoly pieces except the rare ones i even have doubles and triples and quaruples of the common ones,anyone interested in a trade? or 50/50 split for who ever has the rare piece.let me know

  12. Amie says:

    I have all on the non rare ones if you want to buy them just let me know.

    Baltic x3
    State x4
    New yeark
    St James
    Illinois x2
    Marvin Gardens
    North Carolina x2
    B&O R.R. x2
    Reading R.R.
    Penn. R.R. x2

  13. Anonymous says:

    You know whats even funnier…..canada and us cant combine to make up the cash. how do i know this? well for example vermont avenue is stamp 804. its a different number in the us for that same stamp. if you look on the stamp it tells u the numbers u know to win. thus even if i had boardwalk and u had park place, if theyre not within the same country then boo for you. BS eh!

  14. Michelle says:

    Id Like to win something this year. I have all the common pieces and need the rare ones. I hear the rare ones are going to california this year and im from Texas. Email if you have found them. Thanks

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  16. Angela says:

    I have all the commons in Canada. I played I don’t even know how many times on the online game and it constantly just kept skipping over the pieces that were rare there too. What a scam..not even $50. I actually rolled the dice 71 times.

  17. Janessa says:

    I agree with you! these are all the ones I need!!!!

    And I have entered over 100 codes in the online game and all I have won is coke points (75of them 25 each time) and 1 hour of free wifi at Mcdonalds…. I thought wifi was already free at mcdonalds??? I am so determinded to get these peices but I have become convinced that you would have to travel. Like I live in Md, and I’ll bet the one I need are say in Idaho or some hole in the wall like that!

  18. didi says:

    hi juanchito…

    pls delete comment #13 im trying to get rid of anything that refers to my name on the net and when i posted it i did not realize my full name would be posted. PLS DELETE IT! I beg of u

  19. Juanchito says:

    I’ve changed it to anonymous. What are you hiding from;-)

  20. didi says:

    lol crazy x’s just hate my name being out there.. haha thanks!

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