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Show Me Money…Not Link Exchanges

Posted on: November 10, 2008 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

Am I the only one that gets a link exchange request and just cringes? Seriously, I hate link exchanges. The only exception is when I get a link exchange request from TV Guide, Buddy TV or some other major TV website that wants to exchange with my TV Blog network. That link exchange is worthwhile, because those websites are the websites when it comes to TV and I’ll be happy to share the love with them since they can offer some major love in return. Otherwise, I don’t want to exchange links with some spam site.

So, if you want to exchange links with me, then don’t bother me unless you’re internet royalty in your space. However, I do accept money for those really interested in having their link on my site. It’s amazing how loud cash speaks. I love to hear it talk and the larger it is the more profound an impact it has.

Honestly, I wonder how much value a link exchange has in search engines. My guess is that Google takes a link exchange (ie. both sites link to each other on some spammy looking webpage full of links) and discounts the value of those links to basically nothing. Compare that to a link that someone puts on a page because they think something you created is valuable, interesting or a good resource for that topic. Now that’s a link that has probably 100 times more value in the site of Google than some link exchange.

One other thought is maybe I’ll just reply to each of the people requesting a link exchange and ask them to link to my site before I link to there site. Then, I’ll never actually add their link. I wonder how many of these people asking for a link exchange really come back to see if the links there. My guess is that a ton of them don’t. I’ll just call their link the cost of me having to read their link exchange email spam (which most of them are).

I wonder if Matt Cutts would be willing to comment on the value or lack thereof of link exchanges. My money’s on a graph showing the value of link exchanges approaching zero.

The Popular Blog Effect

Posted on: October 22, 2007 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

I was just looking through my long list of draft posts and I found this post that I never published. It’s a little dated, but still a good read.

I recently posted about making it to #1 on At first I made it only to the top of English blogs, but I eventually made it to top of all 480 thousand blogs.

Well, it turns out that being at the top of brings even more traffic to your website. I always wondered how much extra traffic Scoble was receiving from being the top of Now I know and so I’m going to share it with everybody.

First you have to understand that there are a number of ways that sends your blog traffic. The two methods I’m talking about in this post is and Blogs of the Day. Tags is another method, but that’s a topic for another day.

Referrals from to So You Think You Can Dance blog:
11-13 36 Referrals
11-14 40 Referrals
11-15 127 Referrals
11-16 396 Referrals (Hit #1 English Blog)
11-17 487 Referrals (Hit #1 Blog)
11-18 52 Referrals

Referrals from Blogs of the Day to So You Think You Can Dance blog:
11-13 3 Referrals
11-14 3 Referrals
11-15 11 Referrals
11-16 22 Referrals (Hit #1 English Blog)
11-17 29 Referrals (Hit #1 Blog)
11-18 12 Referrals

The best part of getting all this new traffic is that you are finding new readers that will often post a link to your blog on their blog. I should also acknowledge that the name of the blog will affect the numbers above. I guess is much more important than the WordPress Blogs of the Day.

It was still fun to think that my blog was the most visited that day out of 480 thousand blogs.

Swear Word Google Search Referrals

Posted on: December 7, 2006 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

I really love checking the stats for my blog (and really any website I’m running). However, I’m always a little disheartened when people search for some swear word and it gets directed to my site. I understand why someone might get to my site for adult tv or something like that. I don’t like it, but at least I understand that I have blogged about TV and there is a good chance I’ve said something about acting like an adult. That doesn’t mean I have to like it. In fact, if there was a way for me to filter those types of things out I would.

I love getting traffic and I love when websites link to me, but it really surprises me how much vulgarity there is on the net. I’m sure they are spam pages created by robots, but how did they find me? There’s no cure words on any part of this site. I don’t use that language and quite frankly I find it vulgar and unattractive when other people do. I am sympathetic to people that have been raised in that kind of environment and don’t know any difference. I’m still sad that our society is reaching the point where so many people think that vulgar language is acceptable. It’s not acceptable and points to our lack of ability to communicate today.

Trust me, I understand the urge to let out a nice profanity laced tirade. Just don’t tell me that you HAVE to do it. It’s a choice to use that or not. Trust me. You can still communicate anything you want to communicate without that type of language.

SEO, PPC, MSN, Google, Yahoo – Is that English?

Posted on: September 25, 2006 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

If you don’t know what the following mean: SEO, PPC, MSN, Google, Yahoo then stop reading and go visit my contract management software post. Those are English and very important English at that.

If you know what those mean and love to learn more about what’s going on with those terms, then check out the Apogee SEO Blog. While I don’t personally like the green, brown, yellow color scheme of Apogee, the guys at Apogee search know how to get things done.

Their comment on Yahoo allowing advertisers on only Facebook and not all of Yahoo’s other spammerspartners is dead on. Yes, that of course does depend on Yahoo purchasing Facebook.

My Favorite Blog Stats

Posted on: September 19, 2006 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

Most stat packages have a slew of stats. I’ve looked over everything, but here are a few of my favorite stats.

Referring Pages
I love to see what pages have links to my websites. More importantly, I like to see how many people other blogs and websites have sent to my page. This is checked daily and often hourly. Yes, I’m an admitted stat addict.

Search Engine Referrals
This is almost the same as the first, but I love to see what people are searching in order to find my site. It’s also interesting to see which search engines like me. I’ve found that Google is definitely the most popular, but MSN gives words more credit and links aren’t as essential for MSN as they are for Google. Also, for some reason Canadian Google loves my blog.

I love to see how many people actually visited my website. I can’t look at pageviews because Googlebot looks at my pages so much that it skews pageviews. However, I do a search of unique O/S and it gives me a pretty good number of visitors to my site.

Most Visited Page
I do like to take a look at which pages on my website people are visiting. It’s a perfect way to know which topics visitors (and search engines) like. Remember that much of this could be influenced by being Dugg, Reddit or other link pimping.

Visit Duration
Awstats has a really interesting statistic that shows how long visitors to your site remain on your site. Google Analytics has something similar. I’ve been amazed how long some people stay on my website. It also doesn’t surprise me that many of my websites have people who leave quickly. That’s how I visit most webpages.

This is just important to make sure that I don’t have to pay for extra bandwidth from my host.

Google Adsense Channels
I don’t know if this quite fits into this post, but I look at them as much as anything else. Other affiliate or advertising packages could be listed here also. I love to see which of my blogs are performing. I tried the Google email of my stats, but it just wasn’t enough. I like to check regularly how much my blogs are making and more importantly, which ads are making me the most money. These stats might be the most important stats you could check.

Of course each one of these needs to have the ability to change the time frame. Being able to change the time frame is very important to be able to see the trends over time. In fact, has a great built in stats package with a graph of your pageviews. It gives you a really nice visual of how quickly your blog is growing.

Any other stats that I missed and should be looking at?

Keyword Search Tool

Posted on: September 14, 2006 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

This is an oldie, but a goodie. For those people wanting to learn to optimize their website or blog to be seen in search engines, you need to check out the keywork search tool by overture. You put in a few keywords and then you’ll see how many times that keyword and related keywords are searched.

One other secret I’ll tell you is that just because it has 1 million searches doesn’t mean it’s the best keyword for the site. Mortgage is searched a lot on the internet. However, if you can get to the top of Google for the keywork mortgage then you don’t need to be reading my blog. For most people you want to find a keyword that is searched enough to get you traffic, but not so much that the web is saturated with websites on the subject.

Regionalized Search Engine Marketing

Posted on: September 11, 2006 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

Everyone has been talking about Web 2.0 and all the various services that it provides. However, it seems to me that when you talk about search engine marketing or SEO then it becomes very regionalized.

Here’s an example of a company that takes care of Search Engine Marketing in Austin. You can read on their website all about what they take care of. They work in every facet of online marketing such as affilliate marketing, paid search advertising, natural search engine optimization, pay per call management, search engine marketing training and search engine marketing analysis.

For all those users that need search engine marketing in Austin, you should get ahold of this company. It is the largest search engine marketing firm in Austin, and the fastest growing in Texas. If you’re from Texas, you know that everything is bigger in Texas. I guess that applies to search engine marketing too.

Microsoft Research Found a Way to Remove Spam from Searches

Posted on: August 17, 2006 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

Here’s a quote from the article:

Researchers at Microsoft have developed a tool to scrub search engines of major Web sites that pollute search results and ultimately help clean the Web of spam.

Called Strider Search Defender, the tool is designed to dig out Web pages that are a front for spam Web sites, according to a paper published by Microsoft researchers on Thursday. These Web pages typically reside on blogging sites and other services that provide free Web space, the researchers said.

This could be really interesting to see how it plays out with MSN Live search.

Search Engine Marketing Glossary

Posted on: August 13, 2006 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

Search engine marketing is a huge catch phrase these days when trying to market on the web. Every business needs to make sure they took a look at search engine marketing. Too bad talking to a true professional in search engine marketing is often like speaking another language. Apogee search has taken care of you business people that need to look up a search engine marketing term in their SEO Glossary

My favorite term is the one they highlighted at the top of the glossary called Google Death Penalty. A good lesson learned by BMW. I don’t think any company smaller than BMW could have been taken off this list. I think even BMW is lucky.

Google Adsense Top Paying Keywords (or Most Expensive for Google Adwords)

Posted on: August 12, 2006 I Written By

Test to see if this appears. gave an overview of the top 400 keywords that you will pay good money for(or get paid good money) for adding to your website. This list is quite revealing as to what people are willing to pay for:

Keyword / Phrase CPC (US$)
san diego dui attorney 55.32
sell structured settlement 52.89
school loan consolidation 50.86
auto insurance quotes 47.33
college loan consolidation 47.1
abdominal mesothelioma 47.09
consolidate student loans 45.04
austin dui 44.1
what is mesothelioma 43.21
dui san diego 42.79
ditech com 41.43
new york personal injury lawyers 41
student consolidation 39.23
secured loans 38.98
auto insurance quote 38.68
structured settlement 38.5
washington state dui laws 38.26
mesothelioma lawyers 38.19
education loan consolidation 38.14
mesothilioma 37.92
dui attorneys 37.89
federal loan consolidation 37.64
student loan consolidation center 36.53
term life insurance quotes 35.88
refinance loans 35.87
cash settlement 35.05
college loans 34.31
best refinance 33.72
prequalify loan 33.51
direct consolidation 33.44
nj auto insurance 33.42
san francisco dui 33.4
homeowners insurance quotes 32.76
education consolidation 32.29
best dui lawyer 32.18
remortgage 32
mortgage loans 31.57
fargo refinance 31.29
refi mortgage 31.29
dui lawyer 30.97
refinance with bad credit 30.94
ditech 30.8
poor credit refinance 30.72
auto insurance 30.65
safe auto insurance 30.56
student loans refinance 29.93
online refinance 29.81
structured settlement annuities 29.64
life settlement company 29.57
structured settlement company 29.47
equity mortgage 29.37
mortgage refinance 29.14
student loan refinancing 29.09
refinancing 28.51
mortgage refinancing 28.25
flomax 0.4 mg 28.06
school loans 27.99
dui in san diego 27.86
cheap house insurance 27.86
car insurance quote 27.82
interest only loans 27.78
mesothelioma 27.71
pittsburgh mortgage 27.62
fort worth dwi 27.59
new york auto insurance 27.55
senior life settlement 27.42
online insurance quotes 27.34
injury lawyers 27.14
brooklyn lawyers 27.13
malignant mesothelioma 26.74
consolidation 26.69
low interest refinance 26.6
salt lake city lawyers 26.51
criminal lawyers 26.49
abatement technologies 26.37
debt consolidation service 26.34
loan refinance 26.32
student loans 26.21
texas refinance 26.16
factoring company 26.02
commercial vehicle insurance 26.01
loan refinancing 25.75
landlords insurance 25.72
www ditech com 25.65
asbestos attorneys 25.57
blockbuster lawsuit 25.34
lawyers nyc 25.27
term insurance 25.16
lemon law 25.07
pancreatic cancer vaccine 24.94
annuity settlement 24.82
mass dui 24.59
debt consolidation mortgages 24.38
colorado refinance 24.24
low mortgage rate 24.21
dui wa 24.21
debt consolidation 24.18
business credit report 24.11
personal injury lawyer 24.01
va refinance 23.91
atlanta dui attorney 23.48
mortgage application 23.37
lawsuit cash 23.35
125 refinance 23.28
illinois debt consolidation 23.25
apply for mortgage 23.18
asbestos lawyers 23.14
no closing cost refinance 23.04
personal injury claims 23.02
sexual harassment lawyers 22.94
mortgage refinance rate 22.84
consolidation loans 22.83
dept consolidation 22.66
adwords 22.48
debt consolidation mortgage 22.4
mortgage rate quote 22.39
house insurance 22.34
personal injury 22.33
dui auto insurance 22.19
settlement company 22.03
debt managment 21.97
full color business cards 21.88
accutane lawsuit 21.61
car insurance california 21.57
business phone systems 21.55
low cost life insurance 21.48
mesothelioma attorney 21.46
christian debt consolidation 21.36
maritime lawyers 21.35
dwi lawyer new york 21.25
credit consolidation 21.2
consolidate 21.17
debt consolidation online 21.14
tax attorney 21.05
mail order software 20.96
refinance 20.9
fha loans 20.83
oregon refinance 20.79
cancer from asbestos 20.71
ach payment 20.64
loan refinance calculator 20.57
re mortgage 20.41
criminal attorney 20.37
auto insurance ca 20.2
consolidation finance 20.15
auto refinance loans 20.14
low interest rate 20.03
oklahoma loan 20.03
mortgage calc 20.01
debt consolidation program 19.99
asbestos claim 19.98
debit consolidation 19.94
illinois mortgage loan 19.8
refinancing a mortgage 19.75
debt and consolidation 19.7
debt consolidation loans 19.7
maryland dui lawyer 19.61
refinance va loan 19.58
mcdonald’s coffee lawsuit 19.58
arizona lawyers 19.5
consumer debt consolidation 19.45
allstate insurance 19.36
life insurance 19.34
consolidation of debt 19.33
21st century insurance 19.29
nevada loan 19.21
insurance 19.14
kansas loan 19.13
debt consolidation lender 19.07
debt consolidation solution 19.07
auto refinance 19.05
refinance leads 18.87
refinance my car 18.85
refinance mortage 18.83
refinance car 18.78
viagra for women 18.76
credit debt consolidation 18.67
miami dui lawyer 18.59
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business credit cards 18.49
kansas dui 18.47
cheap loans 18.28
morgage payment calculator 18.22
debt consolidation loan 18.21
lawyers in arizona 18.18
california mortgage rates 18.17
dui oregon 18.14
mesotheloma 18.11
whole life insurance 18.11
credit debt counseling 18.1
protonix 17.96
texas homeowners insurance 17.91
consolidate debt 17.9
texas loan 17.83
asbestos lung 17.8
lawsuit financing 17.78
insure 17.66
boat insurance 17.63
florida dui 17.61
san diego asbestos 17.6
mesothelioma support 17.58
criminal lawyer 17.57
military loans 17.54
peritoneal mesothelioma 17.54
wells fargo mortgage payment 17.53
international health insurance 17.53
cheap car insurance 17.52
maryland lawyers 17.45
advance cash settlement 17.42
enlarged prostate symptoms 17.28
mortgage loan 17.26
sell mortgage 17.23
medical malpractice lawyers 17.18
debt loan 17.14
mortgage lenders 17.13
mortgages 17.11
streamline hosting 17.1
mortgage notes 17.09
mirapex lawsuit 16.97
pay loan 16.91
lawyers san jose 16.89
idaho mortgage 16.88
debt consolidators 16.86
credit counseling 16.7
students loans 16.69
illinois dui laws 16.68
prostate cancer hormone treatment 16.62
loan finder 16.59
ma dwi 16.57
santa barbara dui 16.53
vehicle refinance 16.44
credit reports 16.44
dallas lawyers 16.41
minnesota dui laws 16.25
dwi in missouri 16.19
eloan 16.14
business process management 16.12
debt consolidation business 16.07
credit consolidation loan 16.04
life insurance companies 16.03
student loan calculator 15.86
bill consolidation loans 15.8
consolidating debt 15.79
mortgage companies 15.73
fast loan 15.69
cash advance loan 15.69
flexible loan 15.63
zero down mortgage 15.63
or refinance 15.62
chicago lawyers 15.61
cash advance loans 15.57
harassment lawyers 15.53
divorce lawyers new jersey 15.53
dental marketing 15.5
earthlink webmail 15.48
pay day loans 15.47
dui insurance 15.47
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prostate cancer treatment 15.39
vigrx pills 15.38
christian debt counseling 15.38
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dui in california 15.23
student loan program 15.21
car insurance in the uk 15.19
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bextra lawsuit 14.98
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0 interest credit cards 14.84
texas dui laws 14.82
arizona extreme dui 14.8
health insurance virginia 14.79
debt management uk 14.74
nationwide mortgage 14.74
letterhead 14.74
mortgage 14.73
credit card low interest 14.72
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mortgage loan company 14.65
15 year mortgage rates 14.61
homeowner’s insurance 14.61
california lawyers 14.57
geico insurance 14.56
dui defence 14.55
dwi 14.53
kansas city mortgage 14.52
mortgage interest rate 14.5
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cash advance 14.1
consumer debt counseling 14.09
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lawyers 14.01
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no interest credit card 13.95
mortgage note 13.94
small business software 13.91
dui 13.85
va loan rate 13.83
getting out of debt 13.81
adwords select 13.78
ameriquest mortgage 13.78
laws on dui 13.78
unsecured debt consolidation 13.77
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monthly mortgage payment calculator 13.75
apply for a loan 13.75
ohio dui laws 13.7
appellate lawyers 13.67
colorado dwi 13.66
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pennsylvania mortgage 13.61
arizona dui penalties 13.6
trial consultant 13.58
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sunbelt business brokers 13.55
debt problems 13.48
north carolina mortgage 13.45
payday cash advances 13.44
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virginia mortgage 13.43
compensation lawyers 13.37
nexium medication 13.33
quick loan 13.27
ny loan 13.26
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should i refinance 13
texas dui 12.98
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minnesota dui 12.96
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reverse mortgage 12.92
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loans 12.68
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investment property loan 12.46
business greeting cards 12.45
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classic car insurance 12.32

Just remember that just because it pays a lot doesn’t mean people will actually click on those ads.