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Google SearchWiki Launched

Posted on: November 20, 2008 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

I was searching Google today and I saw some new features I’d never seen before. I started clicking around and found out that it was something called SearchWiki. I thought maybe it was just something that was integrated with Google’s Chrome browser or something, but Techcrunch is reporting that it was turned on for everyone.

The cool part is that you can modify the search results for common searches you do. I know I already have a few searches I’m going to modify. Will save me scrolling. It will just be interesting to see whether Google will use this data as part of their algorithm of results. Will people try to game Google more by removing websites and adding others.

One other feature I wish they’d add is a button that would let you reset the search results to Google’s results. Maybe I wanted something at the time, but later I might change my mind. Or maybe I just want to know which sites Google considers the best for a certain topic. I like to see where my website ranks on given topics and if I just push my site to the top, then I’ll lose that information. Well, at least I won’t know it unless I log out of my google account.

Check out this video describing the new features of SearchWiki:

Show Me Money…Not Link Exchanges

Posted on: November 10, 2008 I Written By

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Am I the only one that gets a link exchange request and just cringes? Seriously, I hate link exchanges. The only exception is when I get a link exchange request from TV Guide, Buddy TV or some other major TV website that wants to exchange with my TV Blog network. That link exchange is worthwhile, because those websites are the websites when it comes to TV and I’ll be happy to share the love with them since they can offer some major love in return. Otherwise, I don’t want to exchange links with some spam site.

So, if you want to exchange links with me, then don’t bother me unless you’re internet royalty in your space. However, I do accept money for those really interested in having their link on my site. It’s amazing how loud cash speaks. I love to hear it talk and the larger it is the more profound an impact it has.

Honestly, I wonder how much value a link exchange has in search engines. My guess is that Google takes a link exchange (ie. both sites link to each other on some spammy looking webpage full of links) and discounts the value of those links to basically nothing. Compare that to a link that someone puts on a page because they think something you created is valuable, interesting or a good resource for that topic. Now that’s a link that has probably 100 times more value in the site of Google than some link exchange.

One other thought is maybe I’ll just reply to each of the people requesting a link exchange and ask them to link to my site before I link to there site. Then, I’ll never actually add their link. I wonder how many of these people asking for a link exchange really come back to see if the links there. My guess is that a ton of them don’t. I’ll just call their link the cost of me having to read their link exchange email spam (which most of them are).

I wonder if Matt Cutts would be willing to comment on the value or lack thereof of link exchanges. My money’s on a graph showing the value of link exchanges approaching zero.