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Gimpshop – Replacement for Photoshop and Gimp

Posted on: September 30, 2008 I Written By

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Today I saw a tweet that linked to GIMPShop. I’ve been a big fan of GIMP for obvious reasons. It’s free. However, I have been disappointed with certain things that I liked much better in Photoshop, but was unwilling to pay for. I’m going to try out Gimpshop when I next have to edit an image (that would be tonight I think) and see how it goes. Looks like a nice free alternative to GIMP.

Free Phone Calls to Anywhere

Posted on: September 29, 2008 I Written By

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I’ve always been about free calls ever since about 2000 when I first saw the free phone call service which I used extensively as a poor college student who couldn’t pay long distance costs. It’s become less of an issue these days with cell phones, but there are a number of times that I’ve wanted to make a call on my computer and not have/use a cell phone. Techcrunch just posted about IconDial being a new free service.

The best part of IconDial is that you can call any number in the world for free. I’m hoping to try my friends cell phone in Italy which is usually really expensive to call from the US. Too bad he’s probably in bed right now.

The sad part is that I think Techcrunch is probably right. However, my guess is that a new VC will fund the next startup to see if they can do it again. So, we should have a perpetual supply of free phone call websites until the costs of the phone call are free. Someone’s going to do it sooner or later and if they don’t VCs will continue funding it until it does happen.

CNN Money’s List of Best Places to Live

Posted on: September 16, 2008 I Written By

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I just happened upon CNN Money’s list of best places to live. I don’t care much for what they consider to be the best places to live. What I did find interesting was all of the detail they had about average salaries, home prices, etc for what looks likes every major city in the United states. For example, here’s the list of Nevada cities.

I see this as a great resource to compare cities when you’re relocating to see the various differences in salary, home price or other harder to quantify factors such as Quality of Life. I’ll be checking this website a bunch more.