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$100 Off Kindle – What’s Amazon Up To?

Posted on: August 25, 2008 I Written By

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Today I was notified that Chase users can get $100 off the Amazon Kindle. Here’s the message:

Thanks to Chase, your readers may be eligible to receive $100 off the regular Kindle price.’s revolutionary wireless reading device now has more than 160,000 books plus top newspapers and blogs available and is more affordable than ever with this limited time offer from Chase.

I’m sure this is a way for Chase to be able to get more people using them, but what’s Amazon doing? Is Amazon helping to subsidize the cost of Kindle so that it can sell other Amazon products? Either way, if you’ve been looking at a Kindle and use Chase, then this deal is worth taking a look at.

Too Many Blogs to Update

Posted on: August 24, 2008 I Written By

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One of the nice things about WordPress is that they are always coming out with updates and changes that enhance the blogging platform. One of the bad things about WordPress is that they are always coming out with updates. That means you have to go and update all of your blogs. Which in my case is far too many. Take a look at the list of blogs that I maintain:

Smuggle Me
Lynn Family Blog
Something for Nothing
BYU Sports
Spoil On

Pure TV Network Blogs
TV Freaks
Dancing with the Stars
So You Think You Can Dance
Amazing Race
TV Sports

Other People’s Blogs
Crowdsource This
True Life Relationships
Take Flight Blog

Blogs I Don’t Write To Anymore, But Don’t Want to Take Down Yet
Cambrian House
miaMessage Blog

Ok, so I’m too lazy to link all of them. A bunch of them are new blogs since I’m splitting Something for Nothing into a TV Blog network. So far it’s doing pretty good, but it’s a good thing that I’m not blogging all of them myself. I have 4 other people helping me to update them with content.

Now if I can just automate the WordPress update we’ll be all good. At least I’ve standardized the plugins I used so I don’t have to test nearly as much.

Export List of WordPress Links As OPML File

Posted on: August 22, 2008 I Written By

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I don’t know why WordPress doesn’t just link to this OPML link file from the link manager, but since they don’t it’s sometimes a pain in the butt to find. So, just go to to export the list of links from WordPress

There you go. Now you can export the links from wordpress just as easy as you can import them.

Export One WordPress Blog Category to Create a New Blog

Posted on: August 14, 2008 I Written By

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I’ve searched high and low for a way to move just one blog category from an existing blog into a new blog. I found tons of ways and great documentation on how to move an entire blog to a new domain, but I couldn’t find anything that showed how to take one WordPress blog category and create a new blog using that category.

I found an old plugin/import that should have done the job, but hadn’t been kept updated with the latest version of WordPress and so it didn’t work for me. I also found a ton of people on the WordPress forums interested in doing the same thing, but no one offering an answer. The best they could offer was importing just the RSS feed for that category. Problem there is that then you lose all the comments, categories and tags for those posts. Comments being the real kicker for me.

Therefore, I decided to go it alone and figure out a way to do it using the only option given in the WordPress Export which was the user that created the post. My goal was:
-Export All the posts, categories, comments, tags for just one category of my blog
-Create a list of those posts that I could use to redirect traffic/google to the new location

There might be easier ways (and hopefully they’ll make this an option in the Import), but this worked for me. Also, I wouldn’t try this method unless you’re pretty good at find and replace, executing SQL queries and editing themes.

Overview of Process:
*Export Blog to Test Server
*Change Theme to Get list of Blog Post IDs/Posts for Category
*Change Author of Each Post ID to a new author
*Export posts for new author
*Import into new blog
*Create list of 301 Redirects on old blog
*Clean Up new blog DB

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