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Ted Murphy Launches a Personal Blog

Posted on: July 13, 2008 I Written By

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Ted Murphy, founder of IZEA recently launched a personal microblog. If you are part of the IZEA family or a fan or rockstartup this is your chance to interact with Ted. You can check out the site here.

I was the 61st member of PayPerPost when I joined 3 years ago. You can imagine that over the 3 years Ted, myself and PayPerPost (now IZEA) have been through so many interesting experiences. While I’m not nearly as active in IZEA now, I still follow them and am interested in what their doing. Ted’s one of the most creative people I know so it will be interesting to see what Ted does with his blog and if he’ll have the time to do much.

Great Evening of Acoustic Guitar at Borders

Posted on: July 12, 2008 I Written By

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My wife and kids are out of town this weekend and so a friend from work invited me to go to Borders to listen to a UNLV student play some acoustic guitar. The guy had some pretty amazing stuff. You could tell it came pretty natural to him. I guess he’s the president of the Guitar Society of Las Vegas. Looks like a pretty cool group to be apart of. So, if any of my readers play guitar in Las Vegas, get in touch with them.

I must admit that I think the best part of the night was hearing Katrina Leshan play a bunch of songs that she wrote herself. My friend from work and I guessed how old she was and just couldn’t believe it when we found out she was 17. She’d written something like 3 songs just this week. One of which she just wrote today and played for us. Talk about some amazing talent. You can check her and her music out on Katrina Leshan’s myspace page. One day when she’s a famous singer you can say you heard about her first here.

My favorite song she sang was the first one she sang that I think she called “Chances.” Once she puts it on YouTube I’ll post it on my blog. I wish that I could have heard it again. I think one of the future Guitar Society of Las Vegas gigs I’ll have to get a babysitter and take my wife to enjoy some nice guitar.

Katrina Leshan also sang a modified version of a song she calls “…you and we should totally go bowling and eat some suuuuuuuper cheesy nachos (AKA See You) (AKA The Song I Wrote For Brandon Walsvick)” Here’s a rather poorly recorded video of the song on YouTube. Much better in person, but still amazing to watch this video and think that she’s only 17.

All in all, a nice way to spend a Saturday evening with good company and good music.

If Facebook Would Have Existed During the Civil War

Posted on: July 11, 2008 I Written By

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I think the image pretty much speaks for itself. One of the funniest images I’ve seen in a while. I love the relationship one.

Live Tour de France 2008 Online Streaming

Posted on: July 5, 2008 I Written By

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In the past years I’ve always been able to find a nice stream of Versus that allowed me to stream the Tour de France online without any problem. This year I have yet to find a nice stream except for the free one that Versus offers for the first 2 stages at a very ungodly hour in the morning.

This year, it looks like is going to save us with the EuroSport Live stream of the Tour de France. I love that it also archives the race so that if you aren’t there live you can watch the race after the fact too. Granted, you have to put up with the english commentary, but essentially that’s what Versus has with Phil Ligget too. I actually prefer the english commentary since it’s a quite refreshing perspective.

I am just a little bummed about even watching this year’s Tour de France since they kicked off Levi Leipheimer and Alberto Contador and their entire team. Just doesn’t seem right. However, I’m sure I won’t worry too much once I see a crazy sprint or a tough mountain stage. I’m just a little sad that there are only 4 Americans participating. That’s really unfortunate that there’s so few.