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Remote Desktop Access from Asus eee

Posted on: February 26, 2008 I Written By

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I think you all know that I’m totally in love with the Asus eee that my wife gave me for Christmas. It’s a sweet little machine to use in front of the TV. However, sometimes I just find it necessary to have access to some of the things on my windows machine (bookmarks, word documents, visio documents, etc) Today I was happy to find instructions to do remote desktop from my Asus eee to my windows xp machine.

Here they are as much for my reference as yours:

CTRL-ALT-T to get a terminal window

Full screen remote desktop
rdesktop -f

Remote Desktop in a window
rdesktop -g 800×420
(Of course replace it with your IP address)

Add -u username to avoid having to enter the user. I still wish I could add a launcher so I didn’t have to do it command line, but I haven’t taken the time to figure that out yet.

Social Network Downtime

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How much downtime is acceptable is a question that must be answered. Some people think that you should never have down time, but they just don’t understand technology. There’s always a certain percentage chance that something unexpected could happen and bring you down. A quick look at this list of social network downtime shows this reality. I can’t believe that bebo was down for 12 hours. That’s an eternity in social network time. The most impressive stat on the list is MySpace only being down 25 minutes this year. That’s very impressive considering the volume of traffic they have.