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Widgets on Your TV

Posted on: February 9, 2008 I Written By

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Some may consider the idea of widgets on your tv crazy, but I would absolutely love this. Considering the way TV sizes are growing there’s no reason part of the TV couldn’t be widgets pulling from the internet. I know I’m often found holding my laptopAsus eee while watching TV or running into the other room during commercials to do something on the internet.

The top of my list of things that I’d like on my TV is:
Email Updates (You’ve got mail!!)
Twitter Updates
Google Adsense or other stat reports

Heck, while we’re at it, might as well build in a nice RSS feed reader for me so that I never have to get off the couch. Who needs the Amazon Kindle when I could just read the RSS feeds on my TV?

bbPress Forums, Plugins and Themes

Posted on: I Written By

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Today I decided to do my first official install of bbPress. I’ve worked with it on Greedy or Needy and a few other places, but the is the first install that I’ll be using in production. I’m planning to use it to support my first attempt at a simplified version of my marketing mob idea. Should be interesting to see how it works out. I debated whether to use a forum like bbPress or a wiki and I decided to try the forum first.

I also have an ulterior motive in that I’ll use this experience setting up bbPress to make sure that I’m well versed in it before installing it for the website Crowdsource This. Should be a pretty cool site that you should all check out once it’s up and running.

Now that I have the base bbPress forum installed, I’m going to have to start looking through all the various themes and plugins and see if any of them are must have items. I don’t really want to develop my own theme and so I’m pretty sure I’ll just use one of the ones listed on bbPress Themes or bbPress Showcase. In the end, I don’t care as much about look for this one as I do function. So, the theme might actually be easier to decide than the list of bbPress plugins.

Either way, I find this pretty exciting and interesting stuff. bbPress has been almost exactly the same install as WordPress and so it’s been a walk in the park so far. I’ll have to see how the integration with WordPress works. It looks like there’s a few options. I’ll have to decide which one is best.

Also, if anyone reading this is interested in participating in this round of the marketing mob, let me know and I’ll fill you in on how it’s going to work.