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More Banter on PayPerPost’s Acquisition of

Posted on: December 31, 2006 I Written By

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You can imagine how happy I was when I logged into PayPerPost to realize that I could have been paid for my previous post about being acquired by PayPerPost. Oh well, I have plenty more to say about this acquisition.

I sent Ted my previous post about and blogs and his only response was him agreeing that they do need a way to keep up the good content at He said they were looking for good people that could be featured on and he wondered if I was interested. What would you say?

My response to Ted was very business like. is a business that I assume Ted wants to use to generate a lot of income. Otherwise, why would he have purchased the company? Since that’s the case, I told Ted that I was interested in doing it, but I wanted to know what type of return I would get for investing my time in What incentive is there for me contributing? This is a tough question, but will be an important question that Ted will have to answer for to go anywhere.

In the end, I’m not sure that much should be done with the product line available at Instead, PayPerPost should leverage their large list of bloggers to sell more advertisers. PayPerPost could improve Performancing’s statistics program so that it gives even more data and also so that PayPerPost can use that statistical data to better serve their advertisers. Essentially do like Google has been doing with Google Analytics and adwords. Find a way to integrate opportunities with a blog’s statistics and you have a powerful product for advertisers.

That’s all. Should be simple enough. Could I have it on my desk by Monday? Wait, that’s New Years. Let’s make it Tuesday.

Number of Computer Bots Down – Merry Christmas

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I think that the bot nets that are being created by people are completely fascinating. I know I’ve had a couple of my servers become part of the bot net in the past and it makes for a fun experience searching out who it was that was using your computer and how they got in. Yes, it was on linux and a quick redo of the server put it back into production with no bot running in no time. Luckily I was in a position to redo it.

I didn’t know they were tracking this, but a recent report said that the number of bot infected PCs is down from more than 500,000 infected systems to less than 400,000 computers.

They are attributing this drop in bot infected computers to Christmas and the purchasing of new computers. I wonder if they also thought that maybe there were a few hundred thousand computers that are at people’s place of employment that are now turned off because no one is at work. It’s probably both.

I think this quote is telling of how important this news is:

“Many of the infected machines are turned off, the new shiny ones have not been infected, and the Internet is momentarily a safer place,” Marcus Sachs, director of the ISC, stated in a diary entry. “But like you said, give it a few weeks and we’ll be right back to where we started from.”

Maybe it’s not important. However, it is interesting!!

Free Small Business Advice on Hundreds of Small Business Blogs

Posted on: December 27, 2006 I Written By

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If you are looking at starting a small business then you need to take advantage of all the free advice for small business owners. Let me just show you one example of things you can learn for your small business. The minimum wage was just increased here in Nevada. A blog recently wrote about the effect that the minumum wage increase will have on small businesses. This is great information that could help you as a small business owner understand the various things that are going on around you that you might not know otherwise.

Networking has always been about learning from the other business professionals around you. With the power of the internet, you can now network with business people and not have to leave your chair. I have a feeling that a new breed of business owner is going to be created in the digital world.

Performancing to be Purchased by PayPerPost

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Today I found out that PayPerPost will be announcing tomorrow their purchase of Performancing. Here are some of the key details of the acquisition.

Included in the purchase:
Performancing’s network of 28,000 professionals (mostly bloggers)
Performancing Metrics
Performancing Exchange

Not included in the purchase:
Performancing for Firefox blog editor
Performancing Partners Ad technology

I’ve personally run across a number of Performancing blog posts that I found useful as a blogger. However, I don’t see how PayPerPost is going to keep this type of great blogger content going. That’s the sad part for bloggers. PayPerPost is offering performancing metrics users an opportunity to get paid to review performancing metrics and exchange platforms.

While it’s a good thing for PayPerPost to have 28,000 more bloggers that could start doing PayPerPost, I wish that PayPerPost were getting more advertisers. Maybe advertisers don’t want to come to PayPerPost because they don’t have enough bloggers or at least a diverse enough set of bloggers. Although, it’s always been my philosophy that PayPerPost will be most successful if they can attract as many advertisers as possible. I can guarantee you that bloggers will swarm to PayPerPost if enough advertisers are putting money on the table.

The real question is whether PayPerPost is going to take all these new bloggers and provide targeted ad placement for their advertisers. This type of targeted blog advertising will make PayPerPost significantly more valuable to advertisers.

Credit Cards Are Necessary, If You’re Not Stupid

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I think each one of us is well aware of what an advantage it is to be able to just carry around a few credit cards instead of worrying about getting out enough cash or carrying a dirty check book. Even merchants should be thankful for credit cards, because they don’t have to deal with bounced checks. Add in the miles you can get from credit cards and they are well worth your time. I think we all know these advantages, but credit cards are changing every day. Take a look at some credit card news to see how crazy the credit card industry is. It’s huge and the credit card companies are the big winners. The credit card holders are the big losers.

Let me give you some credit card advice. Do NOT EVER pay interest on a credit card. Do not EVER pay a late fee. Do not EVER EVER EVER pay an annual charge. If you follow these three rules then you will love having a credit card because it will provide you a lot of convenience and will also provide you with some added benefits in the form of miles, points and a great credit rating when you might need to buy a house or something important like that.

I know that many may say that these three rules are unreasonable. All I can say is that it’s not if you plan well. the first one may be the hardest to follow. Although, I only have one suggestion. Live within your means. I guarantee you that I could help each one of you find ways to reduce your budget and save money so that you could live within your means. By doing so you won’t have to worry about paying interest. In fact, in many cases you can start earning interest. Then, you are the one with the power. I know the world tries to tell you that you can have what you want now if you just use credit. Well, ignore it, because all credit really is is giving you what you want now, rather than waiting.

I can’t tell you how liberating it is to not have any debt and it’s powerful to actually have money in the bank.

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Counting the Number of Words in A Post

Posted on: December 23, 2006 I Written By

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Ever since I’ve started getting paid to blog I’ve been very interested in the number of words that I use in a post. Why? Because I have to make sure I get a certain number of words in order to get paid. Usually I’m so long winded it’s not a problem, but how many people can really say if they’ve type 300 words or not?

For a while now I’ve been using the word statistics plugin for wordpress to count the words. I haven’t been that happy with it, because it doesn’t handle URLs and things that well. However, if it says 500 words and I need to do 300 then it has been helpful. However, the word statistics plugin for wordpress is really overkill for my needs. It tries to analyze my writing style and I don’t really want to know about that.

I recently read about a word count extension for firefox. I’m thinking I might give it a try since I really like the things that have been built for firefox. I like the idea that I can just highlight the part I want and then get a wordcount. Even better would be if it did the count in real time somewhere in the firefox browser, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Combine this extension with the new built in spell check for firefox and I’m not sure I’ll be using IE anytime soon.

Protecting My Email from Image Spam

Posted on: December 20, 2006 I Written By

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My email box had been doing so good at not getting spam. I was so proud to say that I had a hotmail email address and I was able to avoid spam. Well, it’s actually still true for my hotmail email address. It’s not true for the domain email addresses that I have forwarded to my hotmail.

The crazy thing is that lately there has been a major trend in spam being sent as images. That really sucks because it is hard to filter it out. In fact, because of this new type of spam, companies have created anti image spam filters. It’s not a perfect science, but it sure helps.

In my previous job I implemented Proofpoint’s spam filter and absolutely fell in love with their product. It is probably one of the best decisions I ever made on the job. It did an amazing job filtering, it could be configured like crazy and had absolutely amazing reports. Funny enough, the CIO of the company had the highest amount of Spam sent to his address for the entire University.

Now, I just wish that Hotmail would buy one of these anti spam companies so my personal account can benefit from these same enterprise class spam filters.

20 Days With No Computer – A Tech Addicts Nightmare

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A few days ago when I was trolling the internet I ran across an article that’s called “20 Days without a PC – No e-mail, no word processor, no Google…no problem? Our reporter goes cold turkey and lives to tell the tale.”

I think the article is a little old, but it was an enlightening experience to read. I’m not sure I could do it, nor would I want to do it. The idea of sending a letter is just painful to me. Using an actual map as opposed to Google is just a waste of time. I love technology. I’m a technology addict which is great, because technology is my job.

However, it was interesting to see how he kind of liked not being connected. I’m sure I could do it and have done it at times. Life will go on without the internet. Just don’t ask me to prove it.

Managing Your Personal Finances – Don’t Be An Idiot

Posted on: December 19, 2006 I Written By

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Some people act like complete idiots when it comes to their personal finances. Take for example credit cards. They get their credit card statement and see that they only have to pay the minimum payment. Just because that is all you have to pay doesn’t mean that you have to listen. People don’t realize how much they are paying in interest when they only pay the minimum payments.

Next, let’s take a look at secured loans and mortgages. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes these are necessary. In fact, sometimes they are absolutely essential. However, make sure that you can afford the loan. Just because someone is giving you a loan doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to afford the payments. Even more important is that just because you can afford the payments doesn’t mean that you should get that large of a loan. Take some time and think about what you’re doing before you do it.

What smart people do is get a good savings accounts. There are some pretty impressive internet money markets from regular banks that pay really well. It’s so much better to earn interest instead of paying it. Plus, it makes you feel so good.

One last thought is getting home insurance. I know that sometimes it feels like wasting money. I feel the same way. However, our neighbors recently had their house go up in flames because of a faulty burner in their kitchen. They’re glad that they have some good fire insurance.

All it takes is for you to stop and think about what you’re doing. If you’re not going to stop and think then don’t come complaining to me.

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Addicting Game – Like Online Risk

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It’s really hard for me to categorize games. I just love them all. However, I can tell you that Risk is right near the top as far as board games go. I absolutely love that game. My brother and I would play it all the time, often roping my father or brothers into playing also. We absolutely loved it.

Well, I found an online game that is very similar to risk and absolutely addicting. It’s called Kdice and uses Google’s APIs (at least I think that’s what it’s called) to do all the work. The guy who created it is an absolute genius. I usually don’t have that hard of a time going to bed at midnight. I started playing that game and was up way too late.

So, my message to you. DO NOT Start Playing Kdice!! Ok, now that I’ve warned you, go have fun.