Tomorrow I Will be #1 on

Posted on: November 14, 2006 I Written By

Test to see if this appears.

I’ve had a goal to make it to #1 on That’s a pretty lofty goal considering I’m competing against the infamous Scoble. I’m not worried. I have a plan. I probably won’t stay there too long, but I just want to knock him off for a little while anyway. I made it to #3 on last week and so this week I’m planning on making it to the top. Plus, I’m not even planning on getting Dugg or Reddit to really boost traffic. Although, that would be really nice if that happened too.

Anyway, I’ll post a screenshot of me being #1 on later. Oh yeah, and of course you can help me by checking out my So You Think You Can Dance blog on There are plenty of sweet videos to watch if you love dancing.

Update: You can watch me go to the top on the Top Blogs on WordPress. My blog is called So You Think You Can Dance. I’m at #10 now!!

Update 2: I’ve made it to #2 WordPress Blog. Now I only have Scoble left. Yesterday I got 7536 pageviews. If that gives you some perspective on the traffic that Scoble generates to his blog.