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MyEclipse Offers Exciting Eclipse-based Tools

Posted on: September 18, 2006 I Written By

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I’ve been really amazed at the cost of development tools these days. Companies like IBM, BEA, Exadel are all charging thousands of dollars for their tools. I think most people don’t know any alternative and so they just pay for it.

Well, there are alternatives out there. One example is the product offering from MyEclipse. They have AJAX Tools, Swing UI, Visual Web Designers, Application server connectors, and more. Plus, they only charge you $29.95 for all that software. The best part is that it is available for immediate download so you don’t have to wait to get the product either.

I had been looking for a good AJAX Tool and this looks like it has everything you could ever need for coding. Here’s just a few examples of the features available in the AJAX tool:

* Editor
Web 2.0 Browser with source code view
Syntax highlighting
Integrated outline and property views
Validation and syntax checking
Code assist for common JavaScript elements, functions, and variables
Code assist documentation for functions
Source formatting
Toggle comments
* Debugger
Instant-on JavaScript Debugger
o Debug any web page containing JavaScript source or included JavaScript files, or standalone JavaScript files
o Operations: Pause, Resume, Step Into, Step Over, Step to Return, Terminate
o Views:
+ Web Browser View
+ Call Stack View
+ Variables View
+ Console View
o Set JavaScript breakpoints in:
+ JavaScript files
+ HTML with embedded JavaScript and linked JavaScript files
+ JSP files
o Integrates with Eclipse Launch Manager
+ Quick launch from context-menu using ‘Debug As’
+ Launch from Eclipse Debug toolbar action
+ Use Launch Profile to modify launch configuration
+ Launch JavaScript resource from project location or deployed MyEclipse web-application

That’s what I call a good deal!

Adobe Acrobat 8 Videos and Release

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Scoble has been getting the blogging community a chastisement for not covering the Adobe Acrobat 8 release.

He also pointed to a video of Adobe Acrobat 8. I’m not a pro in this area, but I think I know why most people don’t care about Adobe Acrobat 8. Most people that know about it and would want to use it aren’t bloggers.

I think the majority of bloggers fall into 2 types:
1. Tech Freaks
2. Moms

The first group is tech freaks because they are people who live and love technology. You know who you are. People who read Digg. Yes, that’s you. That’s me too. If you fit into this class of blogger then you don’t care about Adobe Acrobat? Why? Because you stopped using a long time ago when they built in so much CRAP that you couldn’t stand waiting for it to open. Instead you’re using something like Foxit that is a a very small file that opens Super FAST. If you’re not doing this then you are making a mistake and need to repent.

The second group I call the Moms. This group is not all moms, but it is dominated by moms. These people blog because they need a place to put out information. They are tired of being at home with their kids and need a place to interact and communicate with adults. Not to mention a place to complain, moan, and brag about their children. There’s no need to explain why this group doesn’t care about Adobe Acrobat 8. If you told them about it they might invite their kids over to watch the circus performers.

No one cares about Adobe Acrobat 8. This reminds me of when I saw Adobe at a conference. Their booth was completely useless. What products do they tell me about? I think they gave me a nice pen. I guess I’ll give them that much credit.