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An Escape To Panama

Posted on: September 15, 2006 I Written By

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The wonderful and beautiful Estelle Reyna has taken the country of Panama and made it something special. Estelle has a special connection with panama. She’s said that Playa Bonita and the “Gamboa Rainforest Resort” are some of her favorite places to stay when visiting the country. I especially recommend checking out the video of Estelle at the grand opening of the Playa Bonita.

Estelle has the time of her life at the Grand Opening of the Playa Bonita Resort, the new “Bern Hotel” in Panama

Estelle’s work in Panama has helped over 300 million people around the world to find the beautiful country of Panama. If you watch the video of Playa Bonita you can kind of see that they guy she’s interviewing almost seems nervous around her. Sure, she’s an attractive lady, but even more so she’s a celebrity. In fact, her shows have a huge impact on travel. Her television shows airs on over 800 television stations around the world, her web site greets more than 100,000 unique visitors per day coming from over 150 countries and she has more than 100,000 podcast subscribers. No wonder the guy was nervous.

Estelle interviews Ruben Blades, Panama Minister of Tourism and former music and movie star.

I lived in Hawaii, but honestly from the looks of it, Panama must be the ultimate vacation destination. I love that it has the beaches, the play, the beauty, the culture and the history which all contribute to an amazing vacation spot. Estelle, if you are listening…how about you take me along with you as a guest host? We could sit on the beach. Try some surfing. Check out the rainforest. Shop in the markets. Enjoy the spa. Check out the Panama canal. Dance the night away. Eat delicious food.

Sounds like heaven to me. From the looks of it, it might just be.

One of the many fantastic views visitors can enjoy from the Gamoboa Rainforest Resort.

Benji Schwimmer Tribute Video

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I found a really great tribute video of Benji Schwimmer. It’s amazing how people are still addicted to him. I have a feeling it might not end until the So You Think You Can Dance Tour ends. Even then, they’ll probably bring him back on next years show.