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Smile Internet Bank

There aren’t many people that love the internet more than I do. It is absolutely the way to do almost everything in this world. There is an application for computers in almost everything. Today I happened across a bank called … Continue reading

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Wp-cache Plugin for WordPress

For all of those reading my blog that use WordPress you must start using the Wp-cache plugin immediately. I know that it isn’t the simplest install in the whole world, but it really significantly affects how much bandwidth you use. … Continue reading

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Points and Fees like Closing Costs in Mortgages

I’ve been doing some more research on mortgages. There is so much to learn about mortgages. I think the real key is to find one of the many mortgage brokers there are out there. There are also a lot of … Continue reading

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Revisiting Amazon’s Grocery Offering

I had read a while back that Amazon had started a beta program where they sold groceries online. Since it had just started I decided to give it some time. Today I went back to see what had changed. Well, … Continue reading

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