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Win a Free iPod

Posted on: September 12, 2006 I Written By

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I don’t know how many of you have tried to win a free iPod before. Most sites that offer free iPods have a lot of fine print and lots of hoops to jump through. Well, there is a solution for you. It’s called Go there and get your free iPod and download all the mp3 music you can handle and enjoy listening to it for hours. I also love how the iPod you get doubles as a memory stick. Very useful!!

Get a Free iPod from Now

Forum Building Software

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Today I started to work on my first ever forum that I have put up myself. My requirements were that it be in PHP and mysql. Otherwise, it would be too much work. Also, I wanted to install it quickly and easily. Despite hearing some bad stories about the bots that hammer phpBB I still went with it. We’ll see how it turns out. The worst case is that I can delete it if I get tired of the management of it.

All of you PayPerPosters (or posties) out there will be interested to see it since it was designed for PayPerPost. We’ll see what Ted thinks about me starting it myself. More to come soon.

Getting in Shape Even After Summer

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At work I am right next to the Health Educators. We always have interesting conversations about working out and staying in shape. Recently we talked about staying in shape even if it isn’t summer and you don’t have to wear a bikini.

I told them about a Bodybuilding Forum that I found that has a lot of good information. You’ll find lots of good information on training, supplements, nutrition, fat loss, exercise routine and plenty more to keep you in shape even during winter.

The best part of the Bodybuilding Forum is that you can ask any specific questions you have and get answers from people who are fitness minded and work in the fitness and bodybuilding fields.

Getting Map Directions and Streets Into Google

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This has to be one of the coolest stories I’ve ever found. It describes how google and all the other map companies out there know about all the streets on their maps and also how they can give directions to different places. I’ve always wondered how google maps and mapquest knows about exits, streets and where to turn using a gps.

Here’s an excerpt of how it works:

Have you ever wondered where the data for your favorite map-based GPS unit comes from? Who really does all of that work to make sure the road you are driving down doesn’t plunge you off a cliff? Meet Mark Vermeys, a geographic field analyst for Tele Atlas.

If you know anything about GPS devices, you’re probably familiar with Tele Atlas. This international corporation, which has its American headquarters in Boston, provides the GPS data for an array of device manufacturers, such as TomTom, Pharos and Navman, automobile makers including BMW, Ford, Honda and Toyota and Web sites like Google and Mapquest. As many GPS users know, the data available from these sources can quickly become out-of-date, frustrating drivers who turn down a wrong way and end up at a dead end.

Enter Vermeys and the Tele Atlas GPS Mobile Mapping Van.

The Tele Atlas GPS Mobile Mapping Van is a small, but very important part of the GPS data company’s mapping strategy. Drivers like Vermeys comb the United States in these specially equipped vans, hitting highways and side-roads in their quest to make sure you and I don’t end up in a ditch.

The Tele Atlas Van

A typical Tele Atlas GPS Mobile Mapping Van is a converted minivan which sports a roof rack like contraption holding a GPS antenna and four digital cameras. Inside the driver, in this case Vermeys, interacts with an IBM ThinkPad which runs several programs to help him in collecting map data. One program is the existing road data itself, with assigned roads for him to drive during a day. Another program monitors photographs which are taken by the four external cameras every ten meters.