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The Best Internet-VOIP Phone Company

Posted on: September 5, 2006 I Written By

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I’m not afraid to admit that I am very biased, but I think that Vonage has got to be the best internet phone I have found yet. Sure, there are plenty of alternatives, but I think Vonage has done it the right way. I have it on my home phone and I don’t see any reason I’ll be going back.

Here’s my main reasons:
-I can take my phone with me
-I get all the extras(call waiting, caller id, 3 way calling, etc etc etc)
-I get voicemail that gets emailed to me and can be checked on the web
-I get free long distance to all over the US. I call who I want, whenever I want, for as long as I want
-I can call Italy for free(I love talking to my old friends, even if this isn’t a benefit to you)
-They have automatic payment
-I don’t have to disconnect and reconnect my phone ever again
-I get 2 months free if you let me refer you(post a comment below and I’ll send you an email).

I’m sure I’m missing a few more things. Either way, Vonage is the best!! I couldn’t be happier.

If you have any more questions there is a great online forum for Vonage. They also have a lot of great news about Vonage. The site is really streamlined and efficient. In fact, it looks like it has even used some of the same color scheme as the Vonage website. The activity level of the forum seems really high which is an essential part of any forum.

I’d of course be happy to answer any questions you have about Vonage also.

Dell Decided to Start Blog

Posted on: I Written By

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I’ve always loved Dell and now I have just one more reason why I love them. Dell started a Dell blog. I’m all for corporate blogging and I really think that companies are missing out if they don’t have a corporate blogging strategy. There are tremendous benefits to any company that decides to start blogging. If it’s done right it can be an incredible marketing tool.