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DISH Network and DIRECT TV Satellite Service

Posted on: September 4, 2006 I Written By

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I honestly never got into the battle for satellite service providers Dish Network or Direct TV. However, recently I’ve pretty much been thrown into the frey. Why you may ask?

Well, it turns out that I’m a rabid BYU Football fan. BYU is part of the Mountain West Conference. It turns out that during the off season, the Mountain West Conference cut all its ties to ESPN and left for a new station called CSTV – College Sports TV. Plus, they decided to start their own cable channel called the mtn.(yes, you do have to include the period).

Where do you think that you can find those channels? Well, comcast purchased a portion of CSTV and the mtn. Otherwise, you are going to have to get Dish Network or Direct TV. Really you don’t have a choice if you’re stuck in the monopolized Cox cable world of Las Vegas.

I guess I’m just not that into satellite. Sure, I love the high quality. I love that they have BYU TV(although that’s free online now too). I also love some of the football packages they have. I don’t like having a satellite dish. I also don’t like that I don’t get cheaper cable internet when I use a satellite. Oh well, I guess a BYU fan’s got to do what a BYU fan’s got to do.

Which do you prefer, Dish Network or Direct TV?

Windows Vista Video – The Small Things Windows Has Done

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I’ve been really interested for Windows Vista to finally come out so I could take a look at it. Most people have said that it probably isn’t worth paying for since it isn’t that much more different than Windows XP. However, I want to see for myself. Unfortunately, there are probably many things in the new Windows Vista which we won’t see, but will make our lives better. In fact, some of the best enhancements are things that we will just immediately start to take for granted.

Scoble did a video interview before he left Microsoft that had a demo of an item that does just what I described above. Scroll to about 34 minutes into the video and you’ll see the demo. The rest of the video was pretty much crap. Kind of interesting, but not worth your time.

Selling a Website and Domain

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I’ve always been interested in the idea of selling a website or domain to another person. If you don’t have a website that is a very well known name or company than it is sometimes difficult to sell your website. I previously posted about a company that was selling their website on ebay. That seemed like a decent idea, but how many people really search for a website purchase? I think that still leaves most of the marketing to you.

Today I found a site that might solve some of the pain of marketing a website you want to sell. It’s called It’s a nice clean concise website for“>buying or selling a website.

Firefox Day

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I love the firefox browser. I’m really not sure what I did before I started using firefox’s tabbed browsing. I wouldn’t be nearly as effective without tabs. Granted, I am a heavy web user and even stronger blogger and so tabbed browsing is really quite essential for those tasks. My mother would never use tabs. She can barely handle one browser at a time.

If you are a blogger and reading this then you really should download firefox. It’s worth your time to learn how it works. My wife even likes it.

Here’s a link to firefox day where you can be immortalized in the next version of firefox by downloading it. Oh yeah, and I will be immortalized too.

Pingo – Long Distance Calling Made Easy

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I lived in Italy for 2 years where I had the time of my life. I really grew to love so many people in Italy that I really still feel that apart of me is still in Italy. My only outlet since I’ve gotten home is to reminisce with people who also went to Italy like myself on a message board for those who served a mission in Italy Rome(like me).

I should say that it was my only outlet. I have a friend at work that is from Argentina originally. He told me that he uses a calling card to call Argentina and that it is really inexpensive. I of course had to look into this to see if I could call my friends in Italy for cheap.

Cha Ching!!

Pingo is a great example of an International prepaid calling card. It was interesting for me to find out that Pingo handles 1 in 10 of every international phone call. I guess everyone else already knows about International prepaid calling card. I’m the last to find out. Well, maybe not the last. Really 1 in 10 is only 10% of the people using a calling card.

Check out their International prepaid calling card rates.

Crocodile Hunter Dies Filming Underwater Show

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Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin, the TV presenter known as the “Crocodile Hunter,” has died after being stung by a stingray in a marine accident off Australia’s north coast.

Media reports say Irwin was diving in waters off Port Douglas, north of Cairns, when the incident happened on Monday morning.

Irwin, 44 was killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest, according to Cairns police sources. Irwin was filming an underwater documentary at the time.

This was some really sad news that I came across last night before I went to bed. I loved watching the crocodile hunter. When I was in college and had cable there were 2 cable stations that I fell in love with. One was CMT and the other was Animal Planet. Faith Hill is the reason I loved CMT. Steve Irwin made me fall in love with Animal Planet.

He’ll be missed. It will be interesting to see what happens with his legacy. The animal world lost a friend with the death of Steve Irwin.