Below you will find a list of John’s various online works. Also, check out John Lynn’s LinkedIn profile if you’d like to connect with him there.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Healthcare IT Websites – Healthcare Scene Blog Network

These are a number of my websites related to EMR, EHR and Healthcare IT:
Healthcare Scene
EMR News
Wired EMR Doctor
Happy EMR Doctor
Smart Phone Health Care
next Hospital
Meaningful Healthcare IT News
EMR & EHR Screenshots
EMR & EHR Videos
EMR & EHR Interviews
EMR Thoughts
Hospital EMR & EHR

Pure TV Network Websites

This is my network of TV related websites focusing mostly on the music from reality TV shows:
Pure Dancing with the Stars (DWTS)
Pure So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD)
Pure America’s Got Talent (AGT)
Pure X Factor
Pure Derek Hough – A Derek Hough Fan Site
Pure TV Network – Other TV Shows

Influential Networks

This is a relatively new business for me. I’m doing it in partnership with Shahid Shah. Together we’re bringing together all the important influencers a niche and matching them with marketers who want to market their products or message.
Influential Networks

SandS Blogging – Slow and Steady Blogging

SandS (Slow and Steady) blogging is a project I’m working on to help others learn to become professional bloggers like I’ve become. In short, it’s the nuts and bolts of how to do what I do as a blogger. We’ll answer questions like: how to choose what to blog about, creating great content, marketing the content you create, monetizing the content, etc.
Slow and Steady Blogging

Las Vegas Startups

This is a blog I do together with Rick Duggan. On it, we do our best to cover the various happenings of tech startup companies in Las Vegas and the newly energized #VegasTech community.
Las Vegas Startups

Other Websites I’ve Worked On

Grubbin with Godfrey – A cooking video show website with a Paywall for access to the premium cooking video content.
Apollo Insight – Website for my friends Technical Consulting Business. Built on WordPress so he can expand the content as needed.

Sports and Organization Fundraising Website

These websites were a really promising business that I started, but have had to set to the side since my blogging took off. One day I’d love to get back to this product and see it through.
Sports Fundraising – GivingSports.com
Organization Fundraising – GivingSquare.com

Twitter Accounts

These are some of the main Twitter accounts that John manages:
Techguy – Technology, EMR, Las Vegas, Ultimate Frisbee, and a little bit of everything
EHRandHIT – Feed of the best EMR, EHR and Healthcare IT related content
TV Blog – Best Twitter TV commentary
Pure DWTS – Covering Dancing with the Stars on Twitter
Pure SYTYCD – Covering So You Think You Can Dance on Twitter
Pure AGT – Covering America’s Got Talent on Twitter
Pure X-Factor – Covering X-Factor on Twitter
Giving Sports Twitter – Covering Sports Team Fundraising and GivingSports.com
Slow and Steady Blogging Twitter – How to make money blogging like I’ve done.
Influential Networks Twitter – The latest updates on Influential Networks